Cooperation Department

Last Updated on: November 15, 2022



Co-operation  department is one of the most ubiquitous departments  in Sivasagar district. Under this department various types of Co-operative societies are registered under the provision of Assam cooperative societies Act 2007 in Sivasagar and Nazira Sub-Divisions  which are falling under the jurisdiction of the both Sub-Divisions. District level cooperative societies are registered in the office of the District Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Sivasagar.

The word ‘Co-operation’ itself  is a ubiquitous word. Without co-operation of others in any activities is effortless and it originates from a Greek word ‘Co-operaie’ which means work together. It implies a common endeavor with a common end. Every member of a cooperative society believes that ‘Union is strength’ and hence they associate together  to achieve their  goals through mutual help and self help. They are guided by the principle’ each for all and all for each’.

A co-operative society is a community based organization and is also an autonomous association of person united voluntarily to achieve their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. In fact, the chief objective of a cooperative society is to promote socio-economic development, sustainable development, self-employment generation, and to promote unity among people.

Cooperative Societies beget group trust which is the foundation of social capital and social capital is a pillar of Democracy as similar values and norms are shared by all members of the group. Co-operative societies can be utilized as a platform for collective human resource and skill development units.

There are 468 Nos of co-operative societies(various types) in Sivasagar district. They are GPSS,WOMEN,THRIFT AND CREDIT,FISHERY,WHOLSALE CONSUMER,DAIRY,BANKS,CONTRACT,POULTRY,FARMING, INDUSTRY, ALF, VOs,etc. The main functions of the department have been organizing and registration of co-operative societies, Audit, Supervision, De-registration, Bakijai and Liquidation as per Assam co-operative societies Act 2007.

Branches & Offices:

a)District office:

                     O/O the District Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies,Sivasagar.

                      KPM chari ali,Loknath Neog path

b)Sub-divisional office:

           1) O/O the Assistant Registrar of co-operative societies,Sivasagar, Jaysagar,Sivasagar. contact No7002881360

           2) O/O the Assistant Registrar of Co-operative societies,Nazira, Balighat tini ali,Nazira Contact No:8486324279

           3) Assam Rajib Gandhi University for Cooperative Management, Jaysagar,Sivasagar.

           4) Assam Cooperative Training Institute,Jaysagar,Sivasagar


There are various types of cooperative societies registered in the department. As per recent voter list of these cooperative societies, about eighty five thousand(85,000) share holders involve themselves in different types of cooperative societies. Out of that statistical index Gaon Panchayat samabai Samiltis cover73,093 share holders. They are benefitted having  PHH,AAY rice under NFSA,PMGKY rice, M.T. and S.T. loan from Apex Bank and also providing deposit mobilization schemes.

Thrift and credit co-operative societies are quite exceptional. This type of cooperative societies covers almost all the school and colleges of sivasagar district. Nazira college, Jhanji HNS college, Sivasagar college, Gargaon college, Barpatradol High school etc avail the service of this type of cooperative society. Easy access loan and getting stable rate of interest from their deposit amount etc are services they get. On the other hand, women cooperative societies play a pivotal role in gearing up women empowerment.Kanaklata urban cooperative bank is an instant example of it. The MD of this bank is able to achieve India’s most prestigious award ‘Padmashree’. Apart from this BMSS,ALF,VOs are some women cooperative societies registered in the department. Financial assistance is provided by the Govt. to these cooperative societies from time to time. Moreover, Fishery cooperatives, Dairy Cooperatives, Whole sale consumer cooperatives, Contract cooperatives, Housing cooperatives, Agro farming Cooperative societies etc. are providing services to their share holders. Besides, Assam Rajib Gandhi University for Co-operative Management, Jaysagar and Assam cooperative Training Institute, Jaysagar impart necessary training to the departmental officers and office bearers of co-operative societies.

List of co-operative societies registered in Sivasagar District:

1 Gargaon GPSS Ltd S-134/dt 13-09-1973 Vill-Gargaon P.O. Simaluguri Dist. Sivasagar

2 Dhopabor GPSS Ltd S-111/dt 18-08-1973 Vill & PO. Simaluguri Dist. Sivasagar

3 Nazira GPSS Ltd S-115/dt 08-09-1973 Vill- Halua Gaon PO. Chakimukh Dist. Sivasagar

4 Joktali GPSS Ltd S-113/dt 07-09-1973 Vill- Maduri Gohain PO. Maduri Dist. Sivasagar

5 Gelekey GPSS Ltd S-294/dt 15-09-1981 Vill & PO. Mekeypur Dist. Sivasagar

6 Athkhel GPSS S-116/dt 18-09-1973 Vill & PO. Aideobari Dist. Sivasagar

7 Dopdar GPSS S-121/dt 07-05-1973 Vill & PO. Namti Ali Dist. Sivasagar

8 Bantung GPSS N-70 /dt 15-05-13 Vill. Nimaigarh PO. Garmur Dist. Sivasagar

9 Bihubar GPSS N-71 /dt 15-05-13 Vill & PO. Bihubor Dist. Sivasagar

10 Romoni GPSS Ltd N-69 /dt 15-05-13 Vill. Bormiching PO. Garmmur Dist. Sivasagar

11 Rohdoi Pukhuri SS N-67 /dt 09-05-13 Vill. Adabari Handique PO. Garmur Dist. Sivasagar

12 Borboruah GPSS N-78 /dt 27-06-13 Vill. Chakimukh PO. Nazira Dist. Sivasagar

13 Peoliphukan GPS N-76 /dt 04-06-13 Vill. Peoliphukon PO. Gelekey Dist. Sivasagar

14 Lakuwa GPSS Ltd N-63 /dt 03-05-13 Vill. Dihingia Gaon PO. Lakuwa Dist. Sivasagar

15 Silakuti GPSS Ltd N-62 /dt 03-05-13 Vill. Silakuti PO. Nazira Dist. Sivasagar

16 Khatkhati GPSS Ltd N-61 /dt 03-05-13 Vill. Kopohuwa PO. Nazira Dist. Sivasagar

17 Phulpani Boruah GPSS N-73 /dt 12-06-13 Vill. Dihingia Gaon PO. Namti Ali Dist. Sivasagar

18 Borahibari GPSS N-65 /dt 09-05-13 Vill & PO. Borahibari Dist. Sivasagar

19 Borua Ali GPSS N-64 /dt 03-05-13 Vill. Kanakchuwa Gaon PO. Nazira Dist. Sivasagar

20 Namtidole SS Ltd N-77 /dt 02-07-13 Vill. Namtidole PO. Namti Ali Dist. Sivasagar

21 Rajabheta SS Ltd N-74 /04-06-13 Vill. Bihubor Tiniali PO. Bihubar Dist. Sivasagar

22 Mekeypur SS Ltd N-72 /dt 12-06-13 Vill & PO Mekeypur Dist. Sivasagar

23 Na-Pam Baruati SS ltd N-75 /dt 4-06-13 Vill. Chetia Gaon PO. Namti Boruah Dist. Sivasagar

24 Na-Pukhuri SS N-68 /dt 09-05-13 Vill. Lahon Gaon PO. Gelekey Dist. Sivasagar

25 Dulakakharia SS Ltd N-66 / dt 28-06-13 Vill. Dulakakharia PO. Aideobari Dist. Sivasagar

26 Simaluguri B.M.S.S. Ltd N-3/dt 02-06-1992 Simaluguri

27 Bantung B.M.S.S. Ltd S-26/dt 25-05-1992 Vill. Nimargarh PO Garmur Dist. Sivasagar

28 Ramani B.M.S.S. Ltd N-6/dt 05-06-1992 Ramani Ali

29 Rohdoipukhuri B.M.S.S. Ltd S-25/dt 26-05-1992 Adabari

30 Bihubar B.M.S.S. Ltd N-17/dt 31-05-1992 Bihubor

31 Borbaruah B.M.S.S Ltd N-12/dt 06-06-1992 Nazira

32 Peoliphukon B.M.S.S Ltd S-4/dt 30-05-1992 Pioli Phukan

33 Nazira B.M.S.S Ltd N-1/dt 02-06-1992 Nazira

34 Gargaon B.M.S.S Ltd N-9/dt 09-06-1992 Gargaon

35 Lakwa B.M.S.S Ltd N-16/dt 10-06-1992 Lakua

36 Silakkuti B.M.S.S Ltd N-10/dt 04-06-1992 Silakuti

37 Khatkhati B.M.S.S Ltd S-28/dt 27-05-1992 Kapahua Gaon PO. Nazira

38 Phulpani Boruah B.M.S.S Ltd S-29/DT. 26-05-1992 Dihingia Gaon

39 Joymati B.M.S.S Ltd S-30/dt 27-05-1992 Maduri Gohain

40 Borahibari B.M.S.S Ltd S-45/30-05-1992 Barahi Bari

41 Barua Ali B.M.S.S Ltd N-12/dt 06-06-1992 Kanaksowa

42 Namti Ali B.M.S.S Ltd N-11/dt 05-06-1992 Namti

43 Namtidole B.M.S.S Ltd N-13/dt 09-06-1992 Namtidole

44 Gelakey B.M.S.S Ltd N- 5/dt 03-06-1992 Mekeypore

45 Rajabheta B.M.S.S Ltd N- 5/dt 09-06-1992 Bihubor Tiniali

46 Mekeypur B.M.S.S Ltd S- 27/dt 27-05-1992 Makeypur

47 Na-Pukhuri B.M.S.S. Ltd N- 8/dt 4-06-1992 Lahon Gaon

48 Na-Pam Baruati B.M.S.S. Ltd S - 33/dt 28-05-1992 Chetia Gaon

49 Borphukan B.M.S.S. Ltd S - 34/dt 30-05-1992 Borphukan

50 Dulakakharia B.M.S.S. Ltd S - 31/dt 28-05-1992 Dulakakharia

51 Mautgaon UMB Shikshak Sanchy & RindSa-3n9 S4./S dt 04-07-1986 Vill & PO Moutgaon, Sivasagar

52 Joktali H S School Employee Coop. ThrifDt -&2 /Cdrte 1d5it- 0S7ic-i1e9ty6 2Ltd Joktali PO Joktoli

53 Lahdoigarh Kendriya Sanchy & Rindan SNS-26/dt 19-09-1994 Kanakchuwa PO. Namtidole , Sivasagar

54 Gargaon Prathomik Shikshak Kendra SaNnc-4h2o/yd atr 0u1 R-1in2d-1a9n98 Gargaon PO. Gargaon, Sivasagar

55 No . 2 Athkhel Prathomic Shikshak KendSr-a3 4S0S/ Ldttd 09-11-1982 Athkhel PO. Deopani ,Sivasagar

56 Nazira Mohavidyalaya Thrift & Credit SSN L-t4d5/ dt 07-04-1999 Nazira Town PO. Nazira

57 Pathaligarh Madhyamic Shikshak kendrSa- S3S7 8Lt/d dt 29-11-1984 Pathaligarh PO Lakwa, Sivasagar

58 Gargaon College Thrift & Credit SS Ltd S-67/ dt12-09-1967 Gargaon PO. Gargaon, Sivasagar

59 Swahid Peoli Phukon College Thrift & CrSe-3d1it0 S/S d lt2d4-09-1981 Namti Chariali PO. Namtichariali, Sivasagar

60 Dhitai Pukhuri High School Thrift & CredSi-t 9 S/S d Ltt d12-05-1967 Dhitaipukhuri PO Dhitaipukhuri, Sivasagar

61 Nazira Girls HS Thrift & Credit SS Ltd D- 13/ dt 03-12-1964 Nazira Town PO. Nazira

62 Gargaon Usha Madhyamik Shikshak & KSa-r3m42a/c hdat r0i 1T-h1r2if-t1 &98 C2redit SS LGtadrgaon PO. Gargaon, Sivasagar

63 Joktali Nazira Mozolia Shikshak SanchayS -P1u7n7j/i SdSt L2t1d-03-1975 Vill and PO Mechagarh, Sivasagar

64 Dhitai Pukhuri Kendra Prathamic ShikshSa-k 1 S8a4n/c dhta 2y 1&-0 R3i-n1d9a7n5 SS Ltd Dhitaipukhuri PO Dhitaipukhuri, Sivasagar

65 Sivasagar Zila ME Shikshak & KarmachaDri- S 6S8/ dt 27-02-1961 Nazira Town PO. Nazira

66 Mithapukhuri Mazalia Vidyalay ShikshaNk -K 5ar1m/ dact h2a8r-i0 T2h-2ri0ft0 &3 Credit SMS ithapukhuri PO Mithapukhuri, Sivasagar

67 Chakimukh HS karmachari Thrift & CredDit- S7S/ dt 30-10-1964 Vill and PO Chakimukh, Sivasagar

68 Nazira Bortal HS Thrift & Credit SS D- 2/ dt 15-07-1964 Bortal PO Bortal, Nazira

69 Nazira Mahkumadhipoti Karyalay SamuSh- K4a4r/m dat c2h9a-r0i 1T-h1r9if9t9 & Credit SNSazira Town PO. Nazira

70 Nazira Mauza Prathamik Shikshak NidhiS S- S1 7Lt8d/ dt 15-09-1979 Nazira Town PO. Nazira

71 No. 3 Athkhel Kendra Prathamic shikshaSk- 8SS5 /L tddt 8-04-1985 Athkhel PO. Gelekey ,Sivasagar

72 Hatipati High school Shikshak Sanchoy CNS- L6t0d/ dt 8-12-10 Hatipati PO Mekeypur Sivasagar

73 Nazira High School Thrift and Credit CS Ltd D- 13/ dt 3-12-1964 Nazira Town PO. Nazira

74 Simluguri Girls High School Thrift and CSre/3d2it9 C DS tLdt d18-4-1982 Simluguri, PO:Simluguri

75 Sahakari Panjiyakar Karyalaya KarmachaNr-i b4i1n/d a1 9S9a4nchay Aru Rindan SNSa Lztirda Town PO. Nazira

76 Bamunpukhuri Bagicha Thrift and CrediDt /C1S9 L (t6d4-65) Bamunpukhuri TE, PO: Nazira

77 Tribeni High School Sikshok Karmasari SSa/n5c8h Dot .A12ru-9 R-1in9d8a9n SS Ltd PO: Peoliphukan

78 Namtidol Kendra Sanchoy Aru Rindan SSS/ L6t5d Dtd. 15-11-1989 Namtidol PO: Namtidol

79 Nazira Unayan Khanda Karmachari Thrisft/ 9&1 C drtedd. i2t -C9S-71 Cheoangi, PO: Nazira

80 Joktoli HS School SS Ltd S/175 Dt. 10-3-1975 Vill & PO :Mechagarh

81 Jhankar Thika Aru Jugan SS Ltd S-72/ dt 27-05-1985 Nazira Town PO. Nazira

82 Undivided Nazira Naga Ali Nibanua JubaNk- 3T3h/ikdat 0A7ru-1 J0u-g1a9n9 5SS Ltd Nazira, PO. Nazira, Sivasagar

83 Hatipati Nibanua Jubak Thika Aru JuganN S-S3 1Lt/dt 10-04-1995 Hatipoti PO Kolgaon, Sivasagar

84 Dakhin-Pub Joktali Thika Aru Jugan SS LNtd-35/dt 12-01-1996 Joktali, PO. Maduri, Sivasagar

85 Khanikar Sramik Thika Aru Jugan SS LtdN-30/dt 03-04-1995 Khanikar PO Gargaon, Sivasagar

86 R and B Contract Supply SS Ltd N-49/ dt 17-01-2003 Bantung PO. Garmur, Sivasagar

87 M/S Prajapati Sramik SS Ltd N-48/ dt 23-12-2002 Nazira Town PO. Nazira

88 Friends Technical Contract Co-op SocietSie-9s/ L dtdt 03-10-1991 Balighat, PO. Simaluguri, Sivasagsar

89 Bijuli Thika Aru Jugan SS Ltd N- 20/ dt 25-04-1993 Deodhai gaon PO Lakwa, Sivasagar

90 Lakwa Nibanua Navaratna Thika Aru JugNa-n 4 S0S/ Ldttd 26-08-1992 Lakwa PO lakwa, Sivasagar

91 Eastern Frontilne Samobai Sangha N- 59/ dt 28-06-2010 Silakuti Bhakat Gaon PO Dhitaipukhuri, Sivasagar

92 Bihubor Anchalik Nibanua Thika Aru JugNa-n 4 S7S/ ldtdt 15-07-2001 Bihubor PO Bihubor, Sivasagar

93 Premiyer Hydro Carbonic Tecno CommeNr/c2ia9l dCtSd L.t 3d0-3-1995 Nazira Town, PO: Nazira

94 Jagoron Thika Aru Jugan SS N-53 dtd. 23-11-2004 Bahgora, PO: Mezenga

95 Amkotia Buragohain Thika Aru Jugan SSN/37 dtd. 5-11-1997 Vill & PO: Amkotia

96 Deopani Charilai Thika Aru Jugan SS S/29dtd. 3-7-1989 Deopani Chariali PO: Misajan

97 Ideal Coop Society Ltd S/39 dtd. 21-7-1989 Rajgarh Chariali PO: Silasaku

98 Geleky Kolgaon Thika Aru Jugan SS S/131 dtd. 28-10-88 Dulakakhori PO Geleky

99 Sinethpur Nibanua Jubok Thika Aru JugaS/n1 S6S7 dtd. 13-2-1984 Sinethpur, PO: Athkhel

100 West Geleky Umemployed Youth Thika SA/r1u1 J9u DgaTnD .S 1S9-9-1988 West Geleky, PO: Geleky

101 Napam Baruwati Borhula Thika Aru JugaS/n2 S6S DTD. 12-10-1990 Napam Baruwati BorhulA PO: Napam Baruwati

102 High Technical Engineers Coop. Society NLt/23 dtd. 8-5-1994 Mathiasiga, PO: Rajmow

103 Athkhel Smitpur Yuba Thika Aru Jugan SNS/55 Dtd. 13-12-2006 Athkhel PO: Athkhel

104 Nazira Computer Sramik SS Ltd S/78 dtd. 16-6-88 Nazira Town PO:Nazira

105 Dikhow nibanua Thika Aru jugan SS ltd S-108/ dt 29-08-1988 Nazira Town PO. Nazira

106 Dhanshree Thika Aru Jugan SS Ltd N- 54/ dt 24-03-2005 Nomati, PO Nazira, Sivasagar

107 Jagaran Thika Aru Jugan SS Ltd N- 53/ dt 23-11-2004 Bhagara PO Mezenga, Sivasagar

108 Surajmukhi Sramik Thika Aru Jugan SS LNtd- 52/ dt 07-08-2004 Athkhel, PO Gelekay, Sivasagar

109 Rodali Un-employeed Youth Contract anNd- 8Su1p/ pdlty 0 S6S-04-2016 Ward No 6 Nazira Town, Sivasagar

110 Kuhipat Thika Aru Jugan SS Ltd N- 79/ dt 07-02-2015 Dhitaipukhuri PO Dhitaipukhuri, Sivasagar

111 Dikhow Vally Thika Aru Jugan SS Ltd N/89 dtd. 28/9/2019 Nazira Town, ward No-6 , PO-Nazira

112 Nazira A & B Ward Housing CS Ltd S/343 dtd. 17-12-1982 Nazira Town, PO: Nazira

113 1st APBN Consumers CO-Op Stores Ltd S-106/ dt 21-10-1976 Ligiri Pukhuri, PO Nazira, Sivasagar

114 Santak Bagicha Tea Employee ConsumeSr-s 7C4o -dotp 0 S3t-o1r0e-s1 9Lt7d2 Santak PO Santak, Sivasagar

115 ONGC Employee Consumers Co-Op StorSe- s1 L3t9d dt 08-09-1973 Nazira Town PO. Nazira Sivasagar

116 Mekeypur Bagicha Co-OP Stores S- 131 dt 11-07-1974 Mekeypur PO Mekeypur, Sivasagar

117 Amar Dukar Consumers Co-op SocietiesN L-t 8d3 dt 15-09-2016 Vill and PO Simaluguri, Sivasagar

118 Simluguri Railway Jonction Grahok CS LNtd/57 Dt 2/9/2008 Simluguri, PO Simaluguri, Sivasagar

119 Bamunpukhuri Bagicha Grahok BhandeSr /L5t8d (1968-69) Bamunpukhuri TE, PO: Nazira

120 Nazira Whole Sale Consumers Co-op SsNoc- i5e6ty/ Ldttd 01-08-2007 Nazira Town, PO Nazira, Sivasagar

121 Nazira Bulchabi Co-Op Societies Ltd N-94/ dt 16-02-1950 Nazira Town, PO Nazira, Sivasagar

122 Nazira Automobile Engineer Co-op SociSe-t5ie3s/ dt 31-11-1967 Nazira Town, PO Nazira, Sivasagar

123 Sundar Pukhuri Dugdha Utpadak SS LtdSVS/NZR/1 dt 2004-05 Sundar Pukhuri PO Nazira, Sivasagar

124 Tipomia Dugdha Utpadok SS ltd N- 84/ dt 22-09-2016 Tipomia, PO. Garmur, Sivasagar

125 Na-Pam Baruati Dugdha Utpadok SS LtdN- 38/ dt 03-02-1998 Na-Pam Baruati, Sivasagar

126 Hatrangi Dugdha Utpadok SS Ltd N/87/ Dtd. 23-7-2018 Khonikar Gaon, PO: Gargaon

127 Geleky Borhula Primery DUSS S/360 dtd. 27-6-1984 Geleky Borhula, PO: Singibill

128 Depani DUSS S/52 dtd. 27-2-1996 Deopani PO: Napambaruwati

129 Uppar Nazira Min Palon CS Ltd S-5 dtd. 5-8-1991 Uppar Nazira, PO: Nazira

130 Birangana Mula Gavoru Krishi Pam Co-OSp-7 S/ odcti e1t4y- 0Lt7d-1960 Vill- Amkotia Gohain Gaon, P.O. Mechagarh, Dist Sivasagar, Assam

131 Adabari Farming Co-Op Societies Ltd N- 26/ dt 13-12-1994 Adabari Gaon, PO. Dhopabor, Sivasagar

132 Seuji Krishipam SS Ltd N/88 dtd. 24-7-2019 H No- 83, Nazira Town, Ward No-5, P.O.-Nazira

133 Nabakiran Krishi Bahumukhi S.S Ltd. N-101 dated 12/05/2022 P.O-Namtidol,P.S-Namti

134 Dhopabar Krishi Bahumukhi S.S Ltd. N-102 dated 06/06/2022 P.O-Tengapukhuri,P.S-Simaluguri

135 Joykhamdang Gahori Utpadak SS Ltd N/86 Dtd. 05-07-2018 Joktoli Mouja, P.O & P.S. Nazira

136 Chetia Handique Gahori Palon aru UnnaNy/a8n5 SDStd. 28-09-2016 Santak Chetia Handique Gaon,PO : silasaku Sivasagar

137 Bashistha Ganga Gorokhiya Dol Co-Op SNo-c8i0e tdiet s06-07-15 Na-Mati, PO. Nazira, Sivasagar

138 Geleky Small Tea Growers CS Ltd N/58 DT. 06-11-2008 Vill & PO: Geleky, P.S. Geleky

139 Matri Agro Produce and Marketing Co-oNp- 8S2o cdite 3ti0e-s08-2016 Bengmuria Konar Gaon PO. Garmur, Sivasagar

140 Asom Bohumukhi SS Ltd (Namti BranchJ)-201 dt 1993-94 Namti, PO. Namti, Sivasagar


141 Kanchan ALF Coop:Societies Ltd N-90 dated 28/02/2020 W/N-1,P.O &P.S-Nazira,Dist.-Sivasagar

142 Kanchan ALF Coop:Societies Ltd N-93 dated 24/02/2021 Lakhimi ali,W/N-10

143 Agnihotri ALF Coop;Societies Ltd N-94 dated 24/02/2021 Simaluguri town,W/N-6,P.O &P.S-Simaluguri,Dist.-Sivasagar

144 BIrangana ALF Co-Op Society Ltd N-91 dated 28/02/2020 W/N-2,P.O &P.S-Simaluguri

145 Krishna ALF Co-Op Society Ltd N-97 dated 26/10/2021 W/N-08,P.O&P.S-Simaluguri

146 Sampriti ALF Co-Op Society Ltd N-98 dated 26/10/2021 Simaluguri town,P.O&P.S-Simaluguri

147 Namami ALF Co-Op Society Ltd N-96 dated 25/08/2021 W/N-3 Nazira

148 Joytika ALF Co-op Society Ltd N-99 dated 26/10/2021 Uper Nazira Bor Namghar,W/N-01 P.O &P.S.-Nazira,Dist.-Sivasagar