Joysagar Tank and Temples

Joysagar Pukhuri & Joy Dol

Joysagar Pukhuri & Vishnu Dol

Joysagar Pukhuri (Tank) is situated towards the Southern part of Rangpur Nagar. According to history it was dug within 45 days only in the year 1707 A.D. by Swargodeo Rudra Sigha in memory of his mother Soti Joymoti. The tank covers an area of 318 acres (1.28 square km). The water level of the lake is 14 feet higher from ground level. It is a very beautiful Tank and a home of various migratory birds that come here every year. It is the largest man-made tank of Asia.

It is 4.0 Kilometers away from the center of Sivasagar Town towards west.

Joy Doul (Temple) which is also known as Keshabrai Vishnu Doul is situated at the Northern side of the Joysagar Tank. It is a beautiful temple having nos of different art and culture which reflect the structure of the Ahom Era.

Shiva Doul of Joysagar is also known as Baidyanath Shiva Doul or Khara Doul. It is known as Major Doul. It is situated at the Northern side of the Joysagar Tank. It was constructed during the year 1696 A.D. by Swargodeo Rudra Singha.

Devighar is also known as Devaloya. It is situated at the North Western corner of the Joysagar tank. This Devighar was constructed for worshipping Devi Durga.


Keshabrai Vishnu Dol


Badyanath Shiva Dol
Badyanath Shiva Dol


Devighar or Devaloya