Assamese Hindus celebrate Holi and Dewali irrespective of sect to which they belongs. Shakta Hindus celebrate the Puja [Durgapuja], Lakhipuja, Kalipuja etc. and Vaishanavas who do not believe in idol worship performs Nama Kirtana when the glory of lord Vishnu is recited. The Muslims celebrate Eid and Maharam, Missing Tribes celebrate ‘Ali -Aye-Ligang ‘ on the Wednesday of the 1st. week of month of Faguna. Deori tribe celebrates Deori Bihu . Tai -Ahoms celebrates ‘Medam-Me - Fi’. Tea and ex-tea garden workers celebrates Karampuja.

However , the "Bihu" national festival of Assam are celebrated with great pomp and grandeur by the Assamese people of the district irrespective of caste , creed or religion . The most colourful among the three Bihu is spring Festival known as " Rangali Bihu" . It is a festival to mark the beginning of an agricultural season , the festival of merriment , composes of brisk dances by young men & women to the accompaniment of indigenous musical instrument and Bihu songs.

Apart from these celebrations, some other major showcase of celebrations are -

  • Magh Bihu & Rongali Bihu celebration at the backyard of Rang Ghar.
  • International Shiva Festival
  • Desang-Brahmaputra Festival