Gratuitous Relief

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Gratuitous Relief :

Gratuitous Relief (GR) means relief materials like Rice, Salt, Dal, M. Oil, drinking water, sanitation facilities etc. for the affected people, who take shelter in relief camps during man-made violence and natural calamities.

Each and every civilian, who is affected in man-made violence and natural calamities that may occur in the State, is entitled to receive GR

The guidelines / instruction regarding payment of GR are clearly mentioned in the Assam Disaster Management Manual, 2015.

The Deputy Commissioners of the Districts are the competent authority to accord sanction of GR.

The details of GR admissible as per existing norms are as follows :

SL. NO. NAME OF ITEM Scale of GR (per head per day) Remarks
  • Food-grains etc . (cooked or otherwise)
Adult 600 gms.
Minor 400 gms.
  100 gms
  30 gms
  30 ml.
Adult 600 gms.
Minor 400 gms.
(f) Gur   100 gms
2 Cash doles Adult Rs.60.00
    Minor Rs.45.00
3 Assistance for loss of clothing & utensils ( per family)  Clothing Rs.1,800.00
    Utensils / house-hold goods Rs.2,000.00
4 Supply of fodder for livestock
  • Buffalo
05 kg
  • Cow
04 kg
  • Sheep
01 kg
  • Goat
01 kg
  • Horse
05 kg
5 Provision of fodder / feed concentrate in Cattle Camps per day Large animals



    Small animals