Namti Vishnu Doul and Devi Doul

Vishnu Doul

Vishnu Doul at Namti

Vishnu Doul, a brick-built temple constructed by Namatial Bhagati  Barbarua in the year 1775 A.D. during the reign of Swargadeo Gourinath Singha   (1780 -1794)  located at Namti Ali, 18 Kilometers away from Sivasagar Town . The sikhara of the temple is decorated with vertical and horizontal lines. These lines intersect at angles to provide ornamental arrangements.  The walls of the temple represent wooden panels of native Assamese architectural designs. The temple is surrounded by a brick-built enclosure wall.

Devi Doul at Namti

Devi Doul at Namti

The Devi Doul is also a brick-built temple constructed by  Namtial  Bhagati  Borbarua in the year 1775 during the reign of Swargadeo Gourinath Singha.