Sivasagar Tank and Temples

Three Douls Sivasagar Tank

Sivasagar Tank & Temples

The trio Shiva Doul, Vishnu Doul & Devi Doul are located at the bank of the Sivasagar Tank which is at the heart of the Sivasagar Town. One of the tallest Shiva Temple in the country, The ShivaDoul was built by Queen Phuleswari in 1734.

Sivasagar Tank was excavated by Queen Ambika alias  Modambika who was the wife of Swargadeo Siva Singha. The tank is also known as Borpukhuri . It was excavated in the year 1733 A.D. It is a home of various migratory birds that visit every year. The names of district, sub-division of Sivasagar comes from this tank. The high offices of the district situated near the bank.

Siva Doul ( Temple ) was constructed in the year 1734 A.D. by Queen Ambika alias Madambika. It is the highest/tallest temple of Assam. The temple carries one golden koloshi (Dom) of 8 feet high on the top of the Mandir. Hight of the temple is 180 ft & breadth is 195 ft . Daily worship is still being offered in this temple. It is a famous temple of India having number of rare sculptures.

Vishnu Doul and Devi Doul were also constructed by Queen Ambika alias Madambika  in  the year 1734 A.D. Daily worship is still being offered in these temples. One of major festival of the North East India; i.e. International Shiva Festival is Organized every year during the month of March.


View of Vishnu Dol, Shiva Dol & Devi Dol from the other bank of Sivasagar Tank