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Handloom & Textile


Handloom is one of the most important Cottage Industry of Assam. In rural areas of Sivasagar District handloom is regarded as one of most important activities and most of the rural folk are engaged in Handloom activities. In Sivasagar Office of the Assistant Director, Handloom & Textile is situated near the State Fire Service Station at Jengonikotia. The office is headed by the Assistant director. There are 33 (Thirty Three) staff members engaged in various official works.

Branches & Offices:


To develop the Handloom activities in organized manner the concept of Handloom Weaving Co-operative Society was organized in the amended Assam Co-operative Act 2007. There are 4 (four) nos. of office staff. One Sub Register of coop., two Senior Inspector/Auditor and one Jr. Inspector/Auditor coop, under the establishment of ADH&T. Sivasagar. In Sivasagar District there are 42 nos. of registered functioning primary Cooperative Societies.


In Sivasagar District under the jurisdiction of Asstt. Director of Handloom & Textile there is one WESU which is located in the same premises of the Dist. Office of Handloom & Textile deptt. The main object of the office is to allot raw materials (yarn) to the poor handloom weaver and collect the finished product from them. The weavers are given weaving charges as per Govt. approved rate. In Sivasagar District there are about 200 registered weaver under WESU. The main product areGamocha of different range, assamese traditional dresses like Mekhela Chador, Riha, Cheleng. EriChadar etc. The WESU Sivasagar is now running with following officials: One Inspector, 2Demonstrator  and two Gd. IV employees.


There are three nos.Handloom Training Centres in Sivasagar District where One Year Artisan Course Provided to the Unemployed youth both Boys & Girls. The centres are located at Nazira, Amguri and Sivasagar. The main object of these HTC is to impart weaving training but the trainees are also trained up by providing different knowledge in the field of weaving like weaving mechanism, fabric structure and analysis, weaving calculation, structural and other designs, chemical and natural dyeing etc. as per syllabus prepared by the Directorate of Handloom & Textiles, Govt. of Assam. Application form for enrolment will be available in each HTC and Asstt. Director Handloom & Textile, Sivasagar in the month of January which to be submitted on or before 31 January. A selection committee constituted under the chairmanship of D.C/S.D.O.(Civil) select the candidates for enrolment. The training programme starts from 1" March to 28/29th February every year. Trainees are provided a monthly stipend. Minimum educational qualification for female candidate is class viii and HSLC pass for male. After successful completion of the course HSLC passed candidates are eligible for higher training annual intake capacity of each HTC is 20 (Twenty). The official of each training Centre is as follows: One Instructor, One Demonstrator, one night Chowkider and one Jugali.


The Circle Inspector of the Department allotted different duties for different activities in the field of Handloom weaving. Circle Inspector prepared scheme for improving handloom activities, look after the departmental on-going schemes etc. The Circle inspector has all reports regarding improvement of Handloom sector collected by Circle Demonstrators. There are eight circles for Sivasagar District and one Demonstrator for each circle.


The Handloom & Textiles Department has set up one yarn bank in the premises of Office of the Assistant Director Handloom& Textile, Sivasagar. Through the yarn bank the weavers can purchase different yarn as per their requirement with 30%  Govt. discount

Projects & Schemes:


The Govt. of Assam is going to implement this scheme with the financial aid from World Bank along with four other undivided Districts. Already 1000 beneficiary selected for this scheme. 180 nos. beneficiary already completed various category of training ie. Weaving, Design & Dyeing.           EriMuga Farmer Producer Company Ltd.(FPC) is registered under APART scheme


Samarth (Scheme For Capacity Building In Textile Sector) is a flagship skill development scheme approved in continuation to the Integrated Skill Development Scheme for 12th FYP, Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs. The industry is facing shortage of skilled workers and provides many opportunities for unemployed youth in the country who are trained in the sector. Training is running under various training center approve by Ministry Of Textile Govt. Of India ,New Delhi

3) Economic Upliftment Scheme to Handloom Weavers through Handloom Weaving

4) Income Generation Intervention to Handloom Weavers As Rs.30000/- per weavers as kinds of material and working capital assistance.

5) PM MUDRA loan to Handloom Weavers @6% interest per annum with maximum Rs.10000/- subsidy in Rs.50000/-

6) Prime Minister JibonJoytiBimaYojona(PMJJBY)/Prime Minister JibonSurkshaBimaYojona(PMJSBY) to Handloom Weavers


The Directorate of Handloom & Textiles, Assam proposed to procure Traditional Hand-woven items directly from the indigenous weavers without involving any middlemen through the Assam Apex Weavers and Artisans Cooperative Federation Ltd. (ARTFED) and Assam Government Marketing Co-operation (AGMC) Limited under State Flagship Scheme “SwanirbharNaari”. The procured items will be sold through showrooms of ARTFED and AGMC Limited in and outside of the State including existing e-marketing platforms. The weavers will be imparted quality training to upgrade their skills in Handloom Training Centres and Institutes. Majority of the weavers use traditional machinery. It is proposed to integrate modern technology to improve the pattern, quality and productivity. The weavers will be encouraged and assisted to acquire various certifications.

In The District Total 16581 nos weavers register in the on line portal. 

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